Cooking from Scratch


The most important change they can make to improve their health, is to cook from scratch with real ingredients, the best you can afford (meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds). If you do that, you can’t go far wrong.

Having an awareness of the food choices you make is the first step towards good health. It starts from the moment you buy your food — when shopping opt for food in its most natural form. If in a packet, check the label and see what’s in it and if the added ingredients are necessary and healthy. When cooking and eating, think about being graceful in the process — prepare your meal with love, put them on a lovely plate, sit down to eat, eat slowly and chew, appreciate the meal. Don’t use food to fill a void in your life. A good meal should make you feel nourished and heighten your mood not ‘stuffed’ and ‘foggy’ or ashamed.