Beehive rental / renting your land to Beekeepers


Honeybees are under threat worldwide because of virulent viruses against which they have no natural defence. Nearly all colonies in the wild have died out and, without beekeepers to care for them, honeybees could disappear within a few years. The longer-term future of many crops and plants that depend on bees for pollination is threatened. Other types of bees, mason bees, solitary bees, or even bumblebees, cannot replace the honeybee for numbers and volume of activity. Bees can provide a tremendous benefit to gardeners, allotment-holders, and farmers; pollinating plants over a wide area for increased crop yields as well as providing honey for the beekeeper.

If you want beehives on your property but don’t have the time, energy, or confidence to become your own beekeeper you can hire fully serviced beehives around the country through our

If you are looking to hire your land to a beekeeper and need a contract that is non-demanding, but still a little more than a handshake then here is a contract for you. This is meant to be a public use so change it, and make it yours!

Sample Agreement

This agreement is between a beekeeper ________________________________ landowner _________________________________________________________
The purpose of this agreement is for understanding of both parties that the beekeeper will place bee hives on the landowners property to provide free pollination of whatever plants the landowner has on said property. The beekeeper is provided with a place to put the hives with access whenever necessary. All products or proceeds from the hives are the beekeeper’s property to do with as he/she sees fit.

The beekeeper will:

Beekeeper will place ____________ bee hives at the following location

  1. Assume all liability and risk with the placement of the hives on the landowners property.
  2. Be responsible for the care, feeding and maintenance of the hives.
  3. Be respectful of the landowner's property including fences, cropland and livestock.
  4. Close all gates after passing through in a timely manner.
  5. Only use designated and agreed upon roadways to travel to the bee yard.
  6. Avoid accessing the bee yard after a heavy rain until the roadways have dried enough to travel such roadways without doing unnecessary damage unless its an emergency.
  7. Remove all hives and equipment from the landowner's property within 30 days notice should the landowner desire such for any reason.
  8. Keep the bee yard neat and tidy and not place unused and unnecessary equipment or debris on the landowners property.
  9. Provide ___________ % of harvested honey from hives as a gratuity.
  10. Provide evidence of their training and current membership to a beekeeping association ___________________________________________
  11. Provide the details for back-up/emergency support in the event of bee keeper’s absence. Name ___________________________________________ Telephone ______________________________________________________ Email __________________________________________________________

The landowner will:

  1. Provide a level piece of property for the beekeeper to place hives on.
  2. Provide access to the hives for the beekeeper year round as best he/she can.
  3. Inform beekeeper of any pesticides that could be harmful to bees being applied 48 hours before applying.
  4. Reimburse beekeeper for damages to hives caused by the landowner or employees with equipment but not by livestock.
  5. Allow the beekeeper to remove his/her hives anytime for any reason should the beekeeper need to.
  6. Not allow any other beehives placed on the property without giving notice to the beekeeper 30 days prior.
  7. Notify beekeeper of any damages by calling __________________________ as soon as possible so the beekeeper can try to fix the damage and save the bees. (floods, winds, vandals, wildlife)
  8. Provide access to a water source.

This agreement is an open-ended contract and does not expire.

Signed___________________________(Beekeeper) Date__________________

Signed___________________________(Landowner) Date__________________