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When Militza showed us her Beauty Bliss Balls recipe we were blown away – energy balls for your skin! Genius! We we lucky enough to persuade her to share the recipe for her Spring Chocolate Scrub Balls (sound delicious right?) and we’re passing it on to you guys. Spring-ready skin in no time, just try not to eat them before they make it to the shower…If you haven’t com across Militza before, she is the green living expert behind the eco-friendly website, Little Green Dot. Frustrated by misleading marketing messages and the chemicals found hiding in her skincare products, Militza began to make her own simple, safe & effective natural products. Now Little Green Dot reaches 150,000 monthly readers who want to lead happy, healthy and green lifestyles. You can join them – all of her natural skincare recipes, actionable advice and green lifestyle inspiration is over at

Beauty Bliss Balls: Spring Chocolate Body Scrub

This recipe came inspired by my time living in Bali. Throughout the island, you see healthy cafes serving Bliss Balls on the menu. They’re these dense, energy-balls made up of different superfoods. Looking at them, I thought, “You know what? This would make really good skin care!”

We’re using the same whole foods to create our own skin food – in the form of a dense body scrub, called Beauty Bliss Balls!

The ingredients in this recipe serve two purposes: to exfoliate and moisturise your skin. 

After treating yourself to a Beauty Bliss Ball scrub, you’ll feel that your skin is left smooth and supple. You get a very gentle exfoliation and tons of nourishment for healthy skin. The oats are incredibly soothing, but also it gives the scrub a creaminess that feels really good. Leave it on for a few minutes as a body mask, and you get even deeper nourishing results!

This recipe smells just like chocolate and every time I use one, it makes me smile. And that’s always the sign of a good skincare product. 

Here’s how to make it…


  • 2 tbsp cocoa butter *
  • 1 tbsp oil (coconut, almond… your favorite oil)
  • 2  tbsp cocoa powder
  • ½ cup fine sea salt
  • ¼ cup ground oat
  • Optional: 1 tbsp dried lavender, blitzed and powered

* We’re using cacao butter because not only is it deeply moisturising, but it also hardens and helps the balls to keep their shape. Look for cacao butter in your local baking supply shop. If coconut oil stays solid in room temperature where you live (as in, you don’t live in the tropics) then that will work in place of the cacao butter.


Start by preparing the oils. Melt the cacao butter over a very gentle heat, it’s best to use a double boiler to preserve the properties. Take it off the heat, mix in the extra tablespoon of oil and set it aside to let the oils cool down. I like to speed it up in the fridge.

Then get yourself a big bowl. I think it’s always best to blend things in big bowls. Add in the ground oats, cacao powder (and lavender powder if you’re using) through a fine sieve so it’s powdery soft and well combined.

And then blend in the salt. A quick note: When you choose the salt, go with extra fine. I even blitz it again at home, so that’s it extra gentle.


By now the cacao butter and oil blend should be cooled down. If you want to add essential oils, add them in now. For this recipe, I recommend 5-8 drops of lavender.

Then, very slowly pour the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients, one tablespoon at a time. Get your hands in. Massage and knead until the scrub mixture comes together into a playdough like consistency. Or, if you’ve ever made energy balls, it’s almost the same texture!


Roll the dough, into balls and store them in the fridge for 15 minutes to harden. Finally,  dust them with cacao powder and then you can keep them in an airtight container in your bathroom cabinet. They travel well, and make really fun gifts!


How to use:

Once or twice a week, take out one Beauty Bliss Ball and bring it to the shower. Wet your skin and then turn off the water. Massage the ball gently onto your skin, it will melt as it scrubs.

Shelf life:

Keep them in an airtight container, like a jar. They don’t need to be refrigerated, but I like to keep them there for extra freshness. Will last for one month.

I can’t wait for you to try this recipe. It really is the perfect way to brighten up your day and your skin. My Beauty Bliss Balls are just one of the brand-new recipes I’ve created for my online skincare workshops, SIMPLIFY Skin.


Militza has loads of other great recipes on her site so be sure to check her out at

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