Marula Oil: DIY Ingredient Spotlight


There’s a new babe on the block and she’s called Marula. If you’re on the hunt on a new wonder ingredient for your formulations or to use in your products, give this oil a whirl. Marula oil is often classed as Africa’s best beauty secret and for good reason. This amazing oil is extracted from the nuts that grow on Marula Trees, which is native to the Southern & Eastern region of Africa. The oil is very similar to Moroccan Argan oil, but is packed full with a higher percentage of antioxidants.

It protects against harsh environmental conditions such as pollution, harmful UV rays, central heating and air conditioning which wreak havoc on the skin. The oil contains fatty acids, omega oils and vitamin C & E which all help fight against free radicals that speed up the ageing of the skin. All above makes it perfect for anti-ageing.

All skin types can use this oil thanks to it being light and non-greasy even acneic skin, as it has antimicrobial properties that will help reduce blemishes. The wonderful combination of vitamin C & E, essential fatty acids and antioxidants help to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scarring. This beauty elixir isn’t only for the skin, it can also be used on hair to help treat heat damage and protect the hair from all extreme weather conditions. Mix the oil with your favourite conditioner to make the ultimate deep conditioner for satiny, shiny hair.

As always, we’re on the hunt for cold-pressed (not heated within an inch of it’s life) and virgin (unprocessed) and organic (not laden with pesticides).

Here are some our favourite Marula Seed Oils:

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