Nourishing Nail and Cuticle Treatment


Whether you’re addicted to acrylics or have a habit biting your nails, sometimes you just need to show your nails a bit of love with a nail conditioner and this recipe will have your nails looking good in no time.

Sweet almond oil is a wonderful cuticle healer as it softens the cuticles and the Vitamin E in the oil protects them from peeling, cracking and breaking. Rosehip oil contains essential fatty acids that strengthen and moisturise your nails. Geranium essential oil helps your nails retain moisture and prevents them from becoming rough, dry and brittle. The antibacterial properties of the oil protects your nails from fungal infections.


  • 25ml Rosehip Oil
  • 25ml Sweet Almond Oil
  • 5 Drops Geranium Essential Oil


Combine the sweet almond oil and rosehip oil in a small bowl, make sure to mix well. Add the 5 drops of geranium essential oil and stir well. Store in a 50ml pump bottle. When using, be sure the coat both the nail and cuticle and spend a little time rubbing in on each finger (you could even treat yourself to a mini hand massage while you’re at it).

BeautyFrancesca Tabor