Meditation for Hormonal Balance


Meditation is a proven process for releasing the immense healing energy of your subconscious mind. Your subconscious regulates and controls your bodily functions. As you embrace the power of your subconscious mind, you’ll begin to realize your true potential to self-heal your body, mind, heart and hormones. It is healing at its best, the natural way, from the inside out.

Guided meditation takes you effortlessly into a deep state of absolute calm for this is where you truly restore your soul. You’ll quiet the internal struggle and the fight-or-flight response as you accept your biological process and its purposefulness. It is here that you’ll renew your spirit and experience clarity of intention, focus, motivation, resilience and self-acceptance to bring forth your very best.

Hormonal Balance Meditation enables you tap your body’s natural healing ability to regulate and repair itself, as it improve your mental outlook, and your psychological and physical well being.

While in this deep restful state, the natural intelligence of your body works to restore your hormonal balance while significantly reducing depression, mood swings, mind fog, fatigue and insomnia that drain your vitality and wellbeing.

The benefits are truly amazing! Just by being in the meditative state, your mind becomes still clear and calm. Fear and anxiety subside. Your heart rate relaxes as your blood pressure regulates itself into a normal range. Brain wave activity slows down and triggers human growth hormones, which regulate your metabolism, stimulate fat cells to reduce the amount of stored fats, promote protein synthesis in your cells, and regulate your blood sugar.

Your adrenal glands rest and stop overproducing the stress hormones, helping your thyroid and metabolism.Your endocrine system moves out of a state of high alert. Thyroid, adrenals, and sex hormones now have an opportunity to come back into balance.

Meditation also decreases inflammation at the cellular level, neutralizing acidosis and minimizing pain and discomfort. You’ll feel calm and more confident in touch with your own strength and power. That awful feeling of being vulnerable or overwhelmed subsides. Psychologically, you feel more self-assured and in control again.

The mind-body-spirit connection is now realigned and you experience the “Ahhh…” — that exhilarating peace of mind and a renewed sense of wellness.

By re-establishing calm throughout your mind and body, you can quell the inner turmoil and move into that ‘feels great to be alive place.” The unimaginable power of meditation can improve and restore hormonal stability and thyroid function. It can also help you to have greater control over your health and wellbeing.

Whether you are planning to get pregnant, are pregnant now, or you’ve recently had a baby, meditation can and should be an important part of taking care of yourself, as well as your baby.

Change your mind and you’ll change your belief. Change your belief and you’ll change your heart. Change your heart and you can embrace a happy, healthy life — not only your own, but that of your current and future children.