Sell with us


We're on the hunt for SMALL BRITISH PRODUCERS who want to Team up with us to reach more customers than ever. 

Gathering's mission is to get people out the supermarkets and shopping locally from farmers markets. We want to divert as much as possible or that £120bn to you, the local farms and artisans with massive social benefits for all. We do this by matching customers with their farmers markets. Allowing customers to preorder your food and have it delivered to their door on the day of your farmers market. 

If you would like to supply Gathering you need to meet the standards of the Small Producers' Charter. As a guide, however, here are some simple points to consider:

  1. PROVENANCE - food & drink should be produced to the highest ethical and sustainable standards.
  2. HERITAGE - food & drink should have a cultural identity and be native to the UK. We a particularly interested in heritage, herilom products threatened by industrial agriculture, environmental degradation and homogenisation. We want to preserve the edible biodiversity of our planet.
  3. SEASONAL - Food should be picked when ripe, not before to increase shelf life. We are care about offering our customers the healthiest, tastiest, most nutritional food on the market. 
  4. PASSION - We are looking for a small producers who are passionate about what they do. Who is is behind the food is just as important to us, as the food itself and we want to tell your story!

To be considered please provide us with some details about your business in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.